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11 August 2008 @ 01:05 am
Well, if the title doesn't interest you, here be an epic collab with wmei the other day XDDDD She did most of the work, I just drew the very pedo Xanxus 8D *shot*

So my summer has ended, or close enough. One more week until school starts, and then I will be shipped away from my home for last seven years. And lose and hour of my life in the process. How very unfair D= And how very screwed over I am; I don't even have textbooks yet ||OTZ I haven't even registered for the one course pertaining to my major yet *epic epic fail*

That's ok. I still have...five days to sort that out. And pack. Yes. >>;;

To the main point of this post:


I realized that I've never really properly thanked the awesome people who bother to talk to me online or look at my horrible excuses for art despite me being useless and fail and only lurk-stalk their pages XD m(_ _)m Like I said, school is starting soon, which means I won't have the time freedom I've had in the past two months *has already been neglecting many online things* So before I go off into my semi-hiatus, THANK YOU. Meeting you guys have made this summer awesomely spectacular to the EXTREME~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Outfits based off of the picture everyone's probably seen by now.

Gokudera: Stupid lawn-head! Stop hogging the camera! MOVE! Like hell the Tenth would want a picture of your ugly face! As the Tenth's right hand man, I won't allow it! Dumb-cow, you move too! D<
Lambo: URGHH--- Sa-sagawa-san, a-ir, can't breath-th-- Goku-ku-dera-sa-- *choking*
Yamamoto: Mah mah, they'll calm down soon Tsuna~ ^^;;
Mukuro: Kufufu~~~ As amusing as always~ What will you do now, Vongola? C=
Reborn: Dame-Tsuna, a mafia boss must always have control over his subordinates' actions. Seems you still need more training. *pulls out gun*
Hibari: Useless, crowding herbivores... Sawada Tsunayoshi, I came on your request so you would be in my debt. Now hurry it up before I lose my patience and bite you all to death. >[
Tsuna: ...Uh...so I'll be taking the picture now...? <=D

kyokou_kuroda was the one to have suggested Tsuna as photographer =D

And I contribute my first mini pic dump, because I might as well share and make up for my lack of posting and reaffirm the fact that I really can't draw

Ok, time to embarrass myself XD The first serious KHR fanart I ever did, and it was on MS Paint. I labored on it for DAYS. Seriously. I was trying to prove to her majesty Kage-dono (she likes D18) that Paint was awesome. Yes, I was strangely obsessed XD Resized because original is huge.

Uhmm...*runs from D18 fans*

From way back when I first discovered the awesomeness that is SAI XD

Supposed bribe for neko_chan444 to finish the three pictures she owes me. Still owes me. Posting here because chances of her checking LJ are slim to none >P *is ebil* (Well, if you do see, I demand you to repost the pic that you deleted D<) It's been sitting on my computer for over half a year already, but I'm too lazy to fix the inaccuracies >>;;

My dA version of this was...yeah... For the first (and only) Reborn exchange. I was hoping for a second one, but... ^^;;

Drawn on 32's oekaki board

Full pic here Because I liked Haru's face, and you really couldn't see her face. Cropped from original size. Now you know how much I resize when I post on dA (this crop is actually bigger than the full image XDDD)

And two quick doodles

Cause I'm a freak, I went and counted. Yes. Counted. Estimated standard deviation of plus and minus five, because I seriously fail at elementary math.

- This summer I have drawn 132 pictures/doodles/scribbles/whatever. Not counting individual pics for the meme's. That averages to more than a picture a day. Yay for fulfilling a summer goal =D
- Since I started obsessing and drawing fanart for KHR, I have drawn Hibari fifty times, more than any other character. Next comes Yamamoto, Mukuro, and Tsuna. I have never drawn Birds, despite him being Hibird's previous owner.
- Art-related aside, I have failed to do four projects and read 1000+ pages of assignments >>;; *cough* No, I didn't count each page.

Seems the mini-bang deadline has been pushed back. Well. On one hand, there exists the possibility of me fixing the pictures that looks horrible. On the other hand, even though the deadline is pushed back, I have loads of other stuff to do. =______=;; Unfortunately, my skills are sadly lacking at the moment for me to make this look any better, as much as I desperately want to. ||OTZ Not using for mini-bang because it clearly fails too much, so I should be allowed to publically disgrace myself with it...

And it's so freaking late early right now =_____=;; I think the sun's about to rise... *crawls to bed feeling guilty about unfinished school stuffages*
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wmei on August 12th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
It's okay, Ryohei, I appreciate you. Lambo...not so much. XD;;

Damn I want to count my pictures now.
But I draw so much...and delete so much LOL;;
マージー: ❥ Yamamoto ✪ a kiss for you bbkyokou_kuroda on August 12th, 2008 01:55 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha! I LOL'ed at the picture of the TYL!KHR characters taking a picture (where else could Tsuna be than be the photographer, right? XD) And as always, awesome artworks *A*

And awww, semi-hiatus ;____; But yes, RL issues are more important and you need to fix fix them up! Wish you luck dear and I hope to see you soon ^^

And yes, minibang deadline has been moved *thank god* and I hope to see you awesome pictures :D
Kagesilver_ice21 on August 13th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
See? I went and saw the pictures. :D Hibari is aesome! And I have to admit, Tsuna is amazing too! :D