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27 March 2012 @ 06:27 pm

You have stumbled upon a random journal with a random banner, haha... I lurk around for the most part, though occasionally will post random sketches and such. Posts are mostly locked because I'm paranoid like that. Currently my main fandoms are Axis Powers Hetalia and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Other series I like can be found in my profile. If we share similar tastes, drop a comment and say hello~
28 July 2010 @ 03:59 am
Until I finish this.

Which hopefully won't end up being "never" OTZ

Because seriously, if I don't ever finish this, I don't think I'll be able to muster the strength to finish any long term project again, and my past record of half-way given up failures isn't...good OTZ Gods, I just really want to finish this, it's...not really useful in life or will give me valuable skills or anything I just...want the proof that I can finish something I start for once ;^; /is a loser after all

Updates will be posted at tumblr. Not that I don't like you guys on LJ, but this takes up way too much time that I should be using to finish...that. Yeah... ;__; But when I finish, if I finish, this will be the first place I will post it o/

Wish me luck, perseverance, and motivation, those who highlighted and sat through my pathetic rant TTvTTb
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Erp, finally got around to posting this, ahahahaha...

World Expo 2010 (Shanghai, China) Country Pavilion Review

~*~Better City, Better Life~*~

Quote is theme for this year. Blurry pic of flags taken from distance on my first night there.

Currently the pavillions I liked the best and a few that were requested. Also included the super popular pavilions, since well, they're so popular they had to raise the minimum age for the Greenway by a whole decade. And the ones that weren't open, because I was pissed at that.

So if there's a country's pavillion you're curious about and it's not here, please leave a request! =) I might try and expand this to every country, though with my chronic laziness, we'll have to see...

I'm putting an image heavy warning, although most pics are smaller thumbnail clickables, so it shouldn't be that bad? Haha... ^^; There's also a lot of writing, naturally, so a warning for that too. Ah, longest post I've ever, and probably ever will post >_<;;

Everything's in alphabetical order, except China being the first entry, being the host country and all XD

Also working on not group Hetalia pic based on this event, but more on that later >_<;;

A brief intro on my personal tripCollapse )

ChinaCollapse )

FinlandCollapse )

GermanyCollapse )

IraqCollapse )

JapanCollapse )

(Republic of) KoreaCollapse )

LatviaCollapse )

LibyaCollapse )

MonacoCollapse )

RussiaCollapse )

Saudi ArabiaCollapse )

SingaporeCollapse )

SwedenCollapse )

SwitzerlandCollapse )

TaiwanCollapse )

UkraineCollapse )

United Arab EmiratesCollapse )

United States of AmericaCollapse )
For those who will be going later and don't want to have things spoiled, I've included a list of tips and mostly general information that might come in handy. Personally, I kind of wish I knew all this stuff beforehand so I could have planned and used my time wiser. Hopefully, it'll help somewhat, if you have the time to skim through =)

Ten tips on stuff you should bring/do, and a blurb on what kind of schedule would let you see the most pavilions, from my personal experience.

Actual pavilion review post will be up...soon, hopefully OTZ Typing it up is taking longer than I thought, haha...

Tips and Suggestions =)Collapse )

Back from two weeks in Shanghai of Expo 2010 and no internet~ Ah, feels good to browse the web again.

Expo was a lot of fun for me =D Even though the things I could complain and rant about would span pages, but unless someone really wants to hear about how much I hated being pushed and touched and smooshed and crammed and shoved by god knows how many strangers I will never see again, I'll share =D

Though seriously, holy shiz, the sheer amount of people that were there =___=;; Man was I glad school wasn't out for most people yet. Manners, common sense, and personal space meant next to nothing OTZ I can't even count the number of people who cut in front of me in line, and blatantly. Is it just a phenomenon that happens with huge crowds of Chinese people, or does it occur elsewhere as well? Because seriously, this was the first time I got pushed back on the bus while trying to get off OTZ

So I lied and had to get that mini rant out there. It's nothing compared the the raging monologues I had while I was there though. And I had a lot of time to rage, given the huge lines >_<;;

But that aside, the pavilions were AMAZING <3 My goal going there was to visit every single country's pavilion. I...didn't succeed OTZ Six days wasn't enough, apparently, but I came pretty close =) Three weren't open yet (seriously, wtf) and one I didn't get to due to lack of time. I'd love to do a blurb on all of them, but I doubt I'll have the time (there's close to 200 of them, including special territories) and I doubt anyone would want me to spam that much XD

Therefore, if there's a specific country's pavilion (or countries, as many as you like =D) that you want to see pictures of, a short overview of what's in there, and my personal two cents on, please request away =D

I'll be doing the ones I really liked, whether I get a request or not XD Haha, I don't know how well you guys are interested in stuff like this, so who knows if I'll even get a single request XD

And if you'll be visiting later, I have lots of tips and advice I can give =)

Oh man, a non-anime/manga fandom related post, gasp =O Though chances are, I'll be doing Hetalia doodles for this XD
I can think of no better way to express my personal sentiments than to link to this video.

Nico Nico original link
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01 September 2008 @ 08:19 pm


This post is more or less not worth looking at. Go to the above links to read the awesomely spectacular fic that my mediocre drawings totally didn't do justice to.

No need to click, reallyCollapse )
11 August 2008 @ 01:05 am
Well, if the title doesn't interest you, here be an epic collab with wmei the other day XDDDD She did most of the work, I just drew the very pedo Xanxus 8D *shot*

So my summer has ended, or close enough. One more week until school starts, and then I will be shipped away from my home for last seven years. And lose and hour of my life in the process. How very unfair D= And how very screwed over I am; I don't even have textbooks yet ||OTZ I haven't even registered for the one course pertaining to my major yet *epic epic fail*

That's ok. I still have...five days to sort that out. And pack. Yes. >>;;

To the main point of this post:


I realized that I've never really properly thanked the awesome people who bother to talk to me online or look at my horrible excuses for art despite me being useless and fail and only lurk-stalk their pages XD m(_ _)m Like I said, school is starting soon, which means I won't have the time freedom I've had in the past two months *has already been neglecting many online things* So before I go off into my semi-hiatus, THANK YOU. Meeting you guys have made this summer awesomely spectacular to the EXTREME~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Rushed thank you pic under cut since post is pretty long alreadyCollapse )

And I contribute my first mini pic dump, because I might as well share and make up for my lack of posting and reaffirm the fact that I really can't draw
For the most part, stuff you won't find posted anywhere elseCollapse )

Random pointless stats + mini-bang failCollapse )

And it's so freaking late early right now =_____=;; I think the sun's about to rise... *crawls to bed feeling guilty about unfinished school stuffages*
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